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Solenoids Used in Commercial Vending Machines

A manufacturer of an automated vending machine designed for commercial credit card purchases needed a reliable, economical mechanism to repeatedly lock and unlock a critical compartment drawer through which merchandise would drop to customers.

Based on its power, size and affordability, a Saia-Burgess open frame solenoid was selected to provide the actuation for this application. In operation, the solenoid releases the drawer when energized with a credit card purchase. After merchandise passes through the drawer, the solenoid becomes de-energized, and latches the drawer in place.

Replacing a number of mechanical devices as a more cost effective and reliable means of providing actuation, Saia-Burgess solenoids provide fast and powerful operation at high speeds. This makes them highly suitable for locking and latching mechanisms. In addition to vending machine doors, Saia-Burgess solenoids have recently been added to the design of high security doors, commercial machinery, and computer peripherals.

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Johnson Electric Launches High Performance Linear Solenoid – Best Solution for Long Life and High Force

VANDALIA, OH, 03 April, 2012 – Johnson Electric today announced the Ledex B14-HD solenoid to expand its industry-leading product line. Utilizing innovative internal construction, this addition to the linear solenoid portfolio offers an attractive combination of force and life previously unavailable in the market. The B14-HD, released under the Ledex brand, offers a 30-times increase in operational life to reduce down time and service costs for high volume processing applications. This new product increases the force output by 50 percent in the same package size as the traditional B14 solenoid.

“The B14-HD solenoid fills a performance gap in industrial applications such as ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, beverage dispensing and locking systems,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing.

New Ledex® B12 Box Frame Solenoids – Miniature Powerhouse Ideal for Battery Powered Applications

Johnson Electric introduces Ledex® B12 Series Box Frame Solenoids.  At just 2.0 in (50.8 mm) x 1.25 in (31.75 mm) the B12 are the company’s most compact linear open frame solenoids available to date.  They are specifically engineered to fit where space is at a premium and to provide fast actuation times and high performance in applications where battery powered operation may be required.  Pull versions are standard; push versions are also available.

B12 Series box frame solenoids weigh just 0.3 oz. (8.5 g), provide dielectric strength of 500 VRMS for one second with holding force of 7.7 oz. (2.1 N) at 20°C, and provide 100% continuous duty cycle operation at 20°C ambient temperature.  A magnetically latching version will be launched later in 2010.

Johnson Electric, 801 Scholz Drive, PO Box 427, Vandalia, OH 45377-0427; 937.454.2345; fax: 937.898.8624;

Open Frame Solenoids with Magnetic Latching Capability Now RoHS Compliant

Ledex’s popular B16-L and B17-L latching open frame solenoids are now RoHS compliant. They feature an integral return spring and are specifically designed for latching applications such as security systems, office automation and medical devices.

These compact solenoids provide a maximum force of 25 oz. and a maximum stroke of 0.18 inches in a compact housing less than one inch in length and less than 0.6 inches in width. They offer 10%, 25%, and 50% duty cycles and are available as standard with 3, 6, 12 or 24 VDC input voltages, with optional input voltages up to 120 VDC.   Two plunger cone configurations are available.

For more information on open frame solenoids, contact: Johnson Electric 801 Scholz Drive, PO Box 427, Vandalia, OH 45377-0427;; (937) 454-2345; fax: (937) 898-8624.