Rotary SolenoidA manufacturer of video inspection equipment with a requirement for high speed operation found success by designing in a standard Bi-directional Ultimag® Rotary Solenoid.

The inspection machine employs a video inspection camera capable of evaluating 2,400 units per minute. In this particular case, bottle caps are being inspected.

Other types of actuators could not operate the flipper to displace the bottle caps if they fit the rejection criteria. These other actuators simply could not actuate fast enough to run under a 100% rejection scenario; that is, they could not operate the rejection flipper at the maximum required rate of 2,400 units per minute.

A slow actuator handicapped the machine manufacturer’s ability to sell the product on “speed of processing” because the actuators lagged far behind the video inspection speed capability. A faster device was mandatory.

Because bi-directional operation is needed to operate a diverting flipper quickly (over and back), the high speed of the Ultimag became vital to this application.

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