Solenoid users do not always require a custom solenoid when they have an application with unusual specifications. An exceptionally large, high torque Rotary SolenoidsLedex solenoid was recently used to lock pallets during movement in an automated material handling system.

In order to assure that moving pallets in the automated system don’t fall off during transit from one level to another, the customer required a solenoid that included very strong, locking springs. A standard size 8 rotary solenoid filled the bill. Installed in the base of the moving pallet, the solenoids operate within a customer-designed control system.

Besides the necessary high torque (117 lb./in.), the standard solenoids are rated to perform up to 100 million cycles and are pulse-width-modulated to reduce heating effects. Thus, these solenoids can withstand the abuse of multiple actuations, over long periods of time, without compromising performance.

Using finite element analysis, Saia-Burgess creates a computer simulation of the optimum solenoid for your application. Based on your exact performance and mechanical specifications, pre-prototype computer modeling provides a 95% design predictability the first time. That saves a lot of trips back to the drawing board for everyone. And, it insures you receive a solenoid product that’s right for the job in the least amount of time.

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